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A Minuscule Foe, A Massive Public Health Challenge
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A Tick in Her Hair Serves as Reminder to Take Precautions
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How Does the Flea and Tick Program Work? A certified Go Organic technician will start with a complete inspection of your property, locating harboring sites of fleas and ticks. Starting with your first application, we will begin treatment on your yard and all surrounding areas; targeting wood lines, foliage of shrubbery and tall grasses. The program consists of four applications to your property, beginning in April and will continue through October. Results are seen immediately. We use a 100% natural, organic product that performs exceptionally well. We are extremely proud of the results this program has achieved.

Ticks, like fleas, are a concern for everyone, especially pet owners, during the summer. The bite of a tick is irritating and may cause an allergic reaction. Ticks can carry and transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. In 2010, New Jersey had more confirmed cases of Lyme disease than any other state in the country. Ticks are parasites that must attach to an animal or human being in order to survive and mature. They are found outside in areas of low brush and shrubs. Ticks have the ability to hibernate and survive through winter.

Fleas are a common problem during the warmer months. The issues start in late spring, continue through summer, and are often worst in September and October. Fleas thrive in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees and in conditions of high humidity. Fleas live both on your animal and in your environment. Pre-adult fleas live in your home and yard and represent over 90% of the flea population. This immature form is more resistant to treatment than the adult flea.

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance; they can transmit a host of pathogens and skin diseases to humans and their pets. The best time to apply control is before they start laying eggs and biting you and pets.




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